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March 1, 2018

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March 1, 2018

RTC is dedicated to teaching firearm safety and self defense as well as advocating our Constitutional Rights. Particularly the 2nd Amendment. In the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida, it is obvious to us that our government is not able to protect our children. Since every single stop gap that has been put into place to prevent this FAILED MISERABLY, this is even more obvious than ever. We as citizens need to take charge of this on our own. While they waste time concentrating on “Gun Control” and resolving nothing, our children are still “Soft Targets”.  We at RTC are confident that whatever legislature they conjure up will do little to prevent this type of atrocity from happening again. With that said, we have decided to make our own contribution in an effort the make our children safer.  If (or when) a decision is made that will allow some sort of armed personnel in our schools, we would like to support this cause. RTC will now offer our “Basic Pistol Safety Course” FREE to any CT educator or school employee. We will reserve 2 seats per class for these students up to the week before the scheduled class. The seats will be made available to anyone at that point in time. We know that this is not all the training they will need but they will definitely have to start with this before any other training is given. Ultimately, we hope other instructors in CT and eventually other states, will follow suit (if they haven’t already).


About Us

Do you want to obtain your CT Pistol Permit or Eligibility Certificate?  

Do you want to learn about shooting Rifles or obtain your CT Long Gun Certificate?  

Do you want to learn about Archery and how to properly shoot a Bow and arrow?  

Are you concerned about crime prevention and your personal safety? 

We can help you with all of that and more. We Offer the Following: 

  • RTC Basic Handgun Safety Course (Can be used to obtain a CT Pistol Permit)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Shooting  (Can also be used to obtain a CT Pistol Permit) 
  • NRA Rifle Training Course (required for CT Long Gun Eligibility Certificate)    
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim seminar  
  • Archery Courses & Archery Instructor Training  
  • Custom courses tailored to your needs   


We now offer our own CT STATE CERTIFIED Basic Handgun Safety Course which is the equivalent to the NRA Basic Pistol course required to obtain your CT pistol permit. This is a great firearms course for inexperienced people interested in acquiring general knowledge about guns and also serves as a great class for those who are looking to fine tune their present knowledge and previously acquired skills.

Train with fully insured instructors with over 70 years of combined firearms experience, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!  Small class sizes ensure low student to instructor ratio.

Check our Course Calendar for the schedule and to book a class!

Discounts for active Military and First Responders, Groups & Families, Private lessons and customized courses available. 

Advance registration is required for all classes.  



All courses (unless otherwise shown in the calendar) are held at the Bridgeport CT

 Bass Pro Shop

One Bass Pro Drive

Bridgeport, CT 06608

 Firearms Live Fire Range a short drive away. 

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