(From Yelp) I'm not sure how I found this location, but I'm sure glad I did! I booked a private 2 hour Intro to Archery session. Russ covered archery safety, archery anatomy, and of course, a full hour of shooting. The experience was very informative and a ton of fun with this patient instructor. The facility was on the small side, but everything was clean and tidy. There are various gear and equipment onsite to try out. Looking forward to another class! 

Jinx, March 2016  

Went with my son for an archery class today and it was tons of fun! Instructors were fantastic and enjoy what they do. Informative instructions first and then indoor shooting range fun! My son got a bullseye! Instructors helped him fix up his bow as well! My son was smiling from ear to ear when we left...we will definitely go back to the range! 

Jeanne, April 2015  

Had an awesome time learning how to shoot a bullseye! Will be back with others Marion, February 2015  We went there for the Intro Archery course. The instructor was very informative and full of enthusiasm when the class asked questions. I had a lot of fun!  

Katorah, November 2014  

The intro was informative and fun, the guys were very helpful, and we'll be back again soon 

Joe, October 2014  

Very nice instructor and knowledgeable.

Vimarys, September 2014  

And tell others about it! Super service! 

Heidi, August 2014  

My daughter and her friend went to the introductory archery class and really enjoyed it. They said the instructors were great! 

Kim, July 2014  

Great guys and perfect introductory instruction 

Martin, June 2014  

Todd and Russ were awesome! Really easy to learn from. 

Jennifer, June, 2014  

Incredibly informative and FUN afternoon!!! 

Wendy, May, 2014  

Very fun class. The instructors are very well informed and give everyone individual attention. Great class for beginners. 

Salvatore, May 2014  

It was an enjoyable session and my daughter had fun and learned about safety and put that knowledge to use on the indoor range. The instructors were friendly and courteous and genuinely enjoyed their sport. We will go back again. Steven, May, 2014  The guys did a great job of creating a very informal environment, but never neglected safety. Jeannine, May 2014  Great experience, very thorough and informed staff who like to have fun! Cindy, May 2014  THANKS for an incredibly FUN afternoon!!! Wendy & Rob May, 2014  It was fun and interesting and the instructors were helpful and friendly..., would definitely return to this business. Linda, May, 2014  The course was informative and enjoyable. I would like to pursue archery now. Sara, May 2014  Russ and Todd are great instructors! we will definitely be going back. Shauna, May, 2014  I enjoyed learning how to fire a crossbow- I hope I'll get to do it again sometime. Jennifer, May 2014  The instructor was great! The new place was wonderful. Can't wait to go back and practice. Sharon, April, 2014  This was fun and great. The instructor was knowledgeable of archery and made me feel prepared. Great deal! Rose, April 2014  Shane and I very much enjoyed the course. Thank you. You're a great teacher. I think we'd be interested in coming there again in the near future for a 1-hr lesson and again to use the indoor range. Thank you! Rebecca, March 2014  My kids had the best time learning how to shoot.  They can't wait to come back to take some more archery classes. The best thing is that it is a year round sport and not seasonal. Thanks Beth Farrell, April 2014  I thoroughly enjoyed the introductory course. The first hour of the course was both interesting and informative. What we discussed would benefit anyone taking up the sport. Hands on shooting was fun. You don't realize the power of something as simple as a bow and arrow until you try it. Russ, you were awesome, and very patient. Good luck in your new facility.  Mary, March 2014  The Archery Intro Course is fantastic! Very comprehensive and relaxed. Seeing all of the equipment laid out, I was nervous at first. Russ made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back! Elysia, March 2014  I just wanted to thank you for time today . The class was awesome and both my fiance and I are excited to practice more. Again I have nothing but great things to say about you and your business and if I can help in any way to get your name out just let me know . Anyway thank you again for your time it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to learning more. Victoria, March 2014  The intro class was fantastic. If you've never used a bow, or if you have some experience and want a good refresher, this is where to go. Russ is friendly, personable, and obviously loves what he does. Highly recommended and we are looking forward to participating in other RTC classes. Thank you again! We will definitely be in touch! Carl & Kim, March 2014  The girls really enjoyed the archery course and they are both excited to continue.  They were both surprised and pleased with how well they did.  Thank you for introducing them to this sport. Tracy, February 2014  I really enjoy the classes and training at RTC. Russ is very knowledgeable and always attentive to our progress. I strongly recommend RTC. Maria, February 2014  Great Intro! Great experience! Russ was very patient and knowledgeable. He has been doing this all his life so knew the answers to all of our questions! I thought this was a great intro to anyone who is interested in archery and definitely recommend it! Maria, January 2014  Enjoyed...learned a lot. Looking forward to taking more classes. (Even at 10 degrees) Kathy, January 2014  I was impressed with your teaching style, and would not have guessed that you could have provided that much [Archery] instruction in a small barn! We went out for lunch after the lesson, and both boys were full of chatter about what they had learned and done. Joanna, January 2014  I want to thank you for the introduction to archery lesson this evening. The class began as scheduled, was easy to get to. The location was really convenient all around. The instructor was friendly, helpful, and put me at ease. He covered safety, equipment, general facts about archery. He went above and beyond in accommodating a request related to my comfort. The classroom and indoor mini-range were well laid out, comfortable. The lighting is good, classroom materials very helpful. Explanations and demonstrations of equipment were clear, questions answered thoroughly. The instructor understood some physical challenges for me, and explained how to compensate for them. His guidance was spot-on, and I never felt he was being condescending. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the pace was perfect. I never felt overwhelmed or bored. I look forward to my next opportunity to learn from Russ. I plan to recommend this class to my friends. Raye, Oxford, December 2013 

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