I would like to thank Todd & Russ for the excellent Basic Pistol Safety Course you conducted at our facility. You covered the "basics" and then some. The hands-on part of the class room instruction was highly instructional for those of us that had never fired a hand gun before. The live fire portion at the range not only reinforced the safe handling procedures you taught us, but was FUN. And yes, I now fully understand to keep my finger off the trigger until I'm ready to shoot! You guys are not only extremely knowledgeable & great teachers, but are warm human beings who made us feel comfortable in a situation where some of us felt nervous at first. But now we are more confident we can safely handle a pistol. Thanks from all of us at the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation and our friends who attended your Basic Pistol Safety Course. 

Larry April 2018

Just a quick note of thanks. I took the RTC pistol safety course this past Saturday 3/10/18. Russ and Todd were very detailed and informative. They made the class comfortable for all the students, regardless of the students experience. I have recommended this class to many of my friends in the past few days. Also my wife and my buddy's wife are going to take the class after we told them how good the instructors are.   

Greg, March 2018

I attended the Basic Pistol course. Very nice facility and the instructors are very knowledgeable and teach you at your own pace. No matter what your background they will ensure you learn to safely handle firearms. I highly recommend RTC!  

Mark, July 2016 


(From Yelp) Don't let the lack of reviews on here fool you. Went here for the state required pistol permit class mainly based on how it fit with my schedule and it the class was so smooth and informative. I highly recommend Russ and Todd to any one debating on going here for any training! Thanks again!  

Robert, June 2016 


I wanted to thank you again for the very informative rifle course. I enjoyed the hands-on with different rifles and I think that is what differentiates your course from others who offer a few shots from one rifle. I'd enjoy the opportunity to continue to shoot rifles in the area and really enjoyed the range.  

Greg, March 2014


This was a well organized course with small classes sizes that allowed for effective training in both pistol and archery. The safe use and handling of these weapons is the core to the course and gives students the knowledge and confidence needed for range use. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting quality training in a comfortable environment. 

Cronin, March 2014


After attending an 8 hour pistol permit class at another facility in Monroe, and receiving my Connecticut and Utah Pistol Permit, I realized that the training I had received from that class was inadequate. I didn't even feel comfortable going to the range on my own, and forget about purchasing and carrying a firearm.   I contacted Russ at RTC Firearms Training through his website and asked him if he would be willing to offer me a private one on one class where I could have some real hands on training. I explained that I had taken a class elsewhere, already received my permit but didn't feel anywhere near ready to carry a firearm. He agreed to set up a private class and the experience I had was night and day.   We went through a "supercharged" version of all the classroom basics just to refresh my memory. After that it was hands on. I got to handle different types and calibers of guns. Russ taught me how to properly and safely handle them. We went through everything my previous class didn't. Rather than just talk about the basic fundamentals, he showed them to me and I practiced them. I learned proper shooting stance, not from a video, but by actually doing it. I learned about loading and unloading firearms using dummy ammunition on a few different types of pistols. I was able to feel the difference between a .22 and a .357, once again, not from a video but from actually loading and unloading the different pistols myself. We went through dry fire exercises (as if we were at the range) using unloaded pistols. We covered the basics of taking apart, cleaning and putting back together a pistol. Then when Russ and I both felt comfortable that I could handle it, we took a trip to the range. And it was a great day. I am pretty sure you couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried.   I want to thank Russ for understanding that students need to actually hold and practice with a firearm to be comfortable with it. When I walked into the classroom that morning, I felt intimidated and overwhelmed. When I left that day, I felt excited and confident that I can handle a firearm safely and responsibly. I would recommend to anybody looking to take a pistol permit class, or just brush up on basic skills, that they contact Russ at RTC Firearms. I now realize that it does matter where you get your training, and wish I had found him sooner!  

Steve, Seymour, December 2013   

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