FIREARM TRAINING BUYERS GUIDE  The firearm training we perform is thorough and comprehensive, by current NRA certified instructors. Instruction is done in a professional, friendly manner at the students pace, questions are encouraged, with lots of hands on practice both in the classroom and the range, the goal is for you to leave comfortable and confident with firearms, not to just take your money and give you a piece of paper! Read below (and my student feedback) for what you will get elsewhere...  BUYER BEWARE, Be aware that, as in any business there are unscrupulous people and businesses out there that just want to take your money. Even in the firearms  training industry there are instructors who are conducting poor, shoddy, inadequate training courses, some are not qualified and do not follow the NRA mandatory requirements. If you go to one of these courses you will potentially not feel comfortable or safe with a firearm and your pistol permit application can be rejected by law enforcement and you will need to take (and pay for!) the course over again with a qualified instructor.  So how do I know its a proper training course?  Verify the following whether you are training with us or someone else...  - See our pistol course description for what the training curriculum should be. In a proper course you will do lots and lots of hands on exercises and practice before you get to the range for live fire, so you will feel comfortable and confident with a gun. In a poor course you will watch a video, watch the instructor show you a few things and then head to the range and wait in a long line to take a (very) few live fire shots.   - Ask to see the NRA certified instructors current NRA qualifications, any NRA instructor would be happy to show you their certification with a current expiration date. Alternatively, ask for the instructors last name and NRA instructor ID #, enter it on the link below and it will show you what that instructor is qualified for and the expiration date. NRA Instructor Verification If nothing comes up, that person is NOT qualified or certified as an instructor.  - Ask how many students are in an average class, a good instructor will normally have no more than about 6 students per instructor, the cookie cutter "instructors" will pack  'em in, 20 - 30 people at a time. Even if they do have additional "instructors' on site, remember you are going to wait in a line of 20-30 people to take your turn to shoot!   - Check to see if the course you are interested in is listed on the NRA Instructor’s website, there is only one  Official website for NRA Certified Pistol Instructors and that, of course, is the NRA, here is the link…



What about the Utah permit? Basically this is just a profit booster, it sounds good in theory, "Hey, this permit is one of the most recognized in the nation, with over 30 states that recognize it, you definitely want that don't you?" Well, that's true and if you really want a Utah permit by all means spend the extra money and get it. Here is the truth, if you are attending a course in CT its most likely because you live or have a business in CT, well the Utah permit is not recognized by any States bordering CT, so basically for most people its a useless permit but it got your "instructor" extra profit, not to mention the money you'll have to pay to the State of Utah! Utah Permit Recognition by area States •CT -  No  •MA -  No  •RI   - No  •ME -  No  •NY -  No  •NJ -  No  •NH - No (unless you are a resident of Utah)  •VT - Yes (but VT requires no permit and recognizes the CT permit anyway)